Customs of the Fulbe

Culture: the integrated pattern of thought, beliefs, activities and artifacts which define a particular group.

Generally speaking, Fulbe culture is characterized by patience in the midst of difficulties or suffering, self-control, and by showing proper respect in socially important relationships. They have a strong belief in God and a commitment to Islam. They also have a commitment to the family, but do allow for the employment of “cleverness” (which sometimes uses deceit and betrayal) for personal advancement within their society.

Customs: those habits, practices or conventions which, though unwritten, help to regulate, guide or govern the social life of a people.

All peoples around the world have their own customs, those familiar patterns of behaving which feel right to us. We all have our own ways of greeting and interacting, of celebrating significant events and just plain going about daily living that help us get along in that corner of the world in which we live. So do the Fulbe.

Some Customs of the Fulbe: The Fulbe have their own ways of doing things; some big, some small. Some are easy to describe; some aren’t. Major life events are marked by major ceremonies. Other customs are subtle and easy for an outsider to miss.