Saying, “Hello” in Pular

A jaaraama – hello to one person

On jaaraama – hello to more than one person, or to show respect to a person of higher standing in the community

On belike e jam? – Did you have a good night? (with respect)

A waalii e jam?- Did you have a good night? Response – Jam tun , which means peace only

A finii e jam? – Did you wake up well? Reponse – Jam tun, peace only

A nyallii e jam? – Are you passing the day in peace? Response: Hiiyii (long e sound drawn out), ko Jam tun

A hiirii e jam? – Are you passing the evening in peace? Response: same as above

Saying, “How are you?” in Pular

Tanaa alaa gaa? – There is no evil here? Response: Jam tun (peace only)

Tanaa alaa ton? – There is no evil there? Response: Jam tun (peace only)

Moodi maa no e jam? Your husband has peace? – Hibe e jam (He has peace.)

Beyngu maa no e jam? Your wife has peace? – Himo e jam(She has peace)

Faybe ben no e jam? Your children have peace? – Hibe e jam (They have peace)

Boobo maa on no e jam? Your baby has peace? – Himo e jam (He/she has peace)

Saying, “See you later!” in Pular

En bimbi – See you in the morning

En nyalorma – See you in the afternoon.

En kiikiide – See you in the evening.

En jango – See you tomorrow.

En on tuma – See you later!

Mido yetta beynguure nden. – I greet the family.