Pular: The Heart Language of the Fulbe

French is the official language and is widely spoken in all large towns and the less remote rural areas. There are also over twenty local languages spoken in Guinea. Often times, an English speaker can be found because many Sierra Leoneans and Liberians have moved to Guinea due to unrest in their countries.

Pular is the language of the Fulbe. It is an extremely difficult language to master with 26 articles and an extensive vocabulary. While it is not, strictly speaking, a tonal language, Pular also uses lengthened vowels and doubled consonants which distinguish between words. For example, you can distinguish between aala (tool), Alla (God), and alaa (nothing) by the way the a’s and l’s are shortened or lengthened. On top of that, there are sounds in Pular that aren’t found in English, like the implosive b’s, d’s, and y’s . It’s a challenge for outsiders to learn!

Their greetings are very important to them, and you will hear them numerous times a day. If you greet them in their language, they will say you are able to speak Pular.