The FulbePartners have made it our goal to love the Fulbe people of Guinea and share with them the love of God.  It is our desire to introduce them to the great God we serve so that they, too, may know him, love him, and worship him as they experience his great salvation.

The Republic of Guinea in West Africa is home to a large group of people known as the Fulbe.  Numbering over five and a half million, they are the largest people group in Guinea.  They primarily reside in the Fouta Djallon mountains of central Guinea.  Large numbers also live in, Conakry, the capital of Guinea.

Please take the time to explore this website and learn more about the Fulbe and their needs.  Discover the ways that God is already at work among them.  Take the time to lift up the Fulbe in your prayers.  You, too, can become a FulbePartner!